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Fotografía arquitectónica de Simon Gardiner

Simon Gardiner toma fotos a elementos urbanos, edificios y ciudades bajo la técnica del Vortograph, un método para crear fotografías deconstructivistas e imágenes caleidoscópicas, gracias a una disposición de tres espejos.

“I have always been drawn to architecture, being seduced by complex structures for a long time, going back to my time as a Fine Art student. It wasn’t until 2010 when I visited New York City that I realized what potential I could tap into regarding my own photography.  As a street photographer who fuses the street with a cinematic feel, the city and its architecture just blew me away. Recently I have just discovered the work of Kawahara Kazuhiko a Japanese Architect and photographer along with the Vortograph photography movement (1917).  Like me Kawahara Kazuhiko uses architecture and the city as a source of inspiration for his kaleidoscopic images”…

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